Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the questions we are most commonly asked. If you have a question that is not answered here, please fill in this form. We will respond to you via e-mail and if appropriate we'll add our answer to this page also (your details will not be posted here, so your privacy is protected).

How do I view/export responses?

If your questionnaire has been responded to, you can see the total number of responses in the list of questionnaires. Click the View Responses link to download all responses, or to view and download a particular response set.

Can I style the questionnaire to look like my website?

The way to do this is to embed our software in your software. Embedding is available to customers who purchase the server version and install Elicia on their own server. For Managed Hosting clients it is not currently possible to customise the appearance of a questionnaire.

How does sharing work?

When you create a questionnaire, upload a dataset or upload/create an Annalisa topic, you are the owner of that item. As such, you can choose to keep the item private (which means no-one else can see it), make it read-only (which allows all other users in your package to see it, and copy it, but not edit it), or fully share it (which gives all other users in your package full edit rights over that item).

What's the difference between draft/live/closed questionnaires?

A draft questionnaire is one that is currently being worked on. It can be tested and edited, but cannot be responded to (i.e. you can't publish it for anyone to fill-in). A live questionnaire is published and can be responded to. It cannot be edited (though it can be duplicated). This is to ensure data integrity; once people can respond to your questionnaire, you can't change the questions being asked or any modifier rules in the questionnaire. That way you know that everyone responded to the same (identical) questionnaire. A closed questionnaire cannot be responded to. It also cannot be edited (though it can be duplicated). You close a questionnaire once you've finished eliciting responses, and when you no longer want anyone to be able to respond to it.

Why do you sometimes use 'survey' and sometime use 'questionnaire'?

Inconsistency. We generally use 'questionnaire', which is the correct term. Occasionally we use 'survey', which we shouldn't. The two refer to the same thing.

How do I move a question to another part of the questionnaire?

Click and hold the left mouse button over the question number in the top-left corner of the question. You can drag the question up or down, and move it to another page entirely if you want.

Are responses saved if the questionnaire is not completed?

In order for a set of responses to be saved in Elicia, the respondent must complete the questionnaire in full. Once completed, the response set is stored on Elicia for review.