This page provides a brief description of some of the terms you may encounter whilst using/discussing Elicia. We also have a glossary of Annalisa-specific terminology on our Annalisa website.

The multi criteria decision aid (MCDA) developed by Maldaba Limited and Professor Jack Dowie. Annalisa is an easy-to-use, single screen interface, that helps you to make decisions when there are multiple factors to take into account, and a range of choices. Annalisa can be embedded within an Elicia questionnaire, creating a powerful, personalised user experience. For more information, visit the Annalisa website.
The questionnaire-generating software, developed by Maldaba Limited. Elicia allows you to create and manage web-based questionnaires. These can be published to the web and can be freely responded to by site visitors. Elicia can incorporate the Annalisa decision tool, personalising user choice.
Someone who completes a live questionnaire. All responses are anonymous on the system (apart from any identifying questions you may have included in your questionnaire). Respondents do not need to be logged-in to complete a questionnaire.
Survey Modifier
A rule that tells Elicia to change the questionnaire based on a respondent's answer to a question. Survey modifiers can be used to skip questions, or to amend the list of available answers to a question.
Topic Modifier
A rule that tells Elicia to change an Annalisa instance based on a respondent's answer to a question. Topic modifiers can change almost every aspect of a respondent's interaction with Annalisa, as well as modify data, add/remove attributes or options, amend or create the data used in the instance.
Someone who can login to Elicia and create/manage/delete questionnaires.