Welcome to the Elicia website. Elicia is an on-line questionnaire tool, which has been designed to fully integrate with Annalisa, our multi-criteria decision aid, in order to full personalise the decision making process. For more information about Annalisa, see the Annalisa website.

Elicia (and Annalisa) may be purchased to run on your own server, and are also available as a managed hosting solution. Please see our pricing page for more details and to compare server and managed hosting versions.


  • Easily collaborate with friends/colleagues to create questionnaires
  • Create sophisticated rules to navigate respondent through the questionnaire
  • Embed the Annalisa multi-criteria decision aid in your questionnaire, to create a powerful and personalised user experience
  • Export responses for analysis
  • Easily publish your questionnaire to the web, allowing respondents to easily fill-in and submit their responses
  • Embed a questionnaire in your own website, using your site's styling (server version only)
  • Set up a Managed Hosting account for as little as 44.99/mth (plus VAT), with no minimum term

Managed Hosting

As well as purchasing Elicia (and/or Annalisa) to run on your own server, we also offer it as a managed hosting solution.

If you already have an account, you can login via the button, below. To set up a new account, please contact us via our web form.

Full details, including pricing, are available here.

Click here to log in to your Managed Hosting account.


We have an on-line demo of Elicia (including Annalisa).

The demo is fully functional, except that responses are not saved, and the Annalisa matrix size is restricted to 4x4. In addition, the database will be reset periodically.

Do not use this site for real data, as it will be wiped.